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The Age of Empowerment

The Age of Empowerment The group through Steve Rother

Greetings from Home, dear ones. It is with great pleasure that we share with you a view from the top of the bus.

Many areas are heating up on Earth. Among humans, there is a feeling of frustration welling up from deep inside. Once a critical mass is triggered, frustration often turns into anger. This can cause a person to snap and even to pick up a gun and act out in uncharacteristic ways, join extremist groups, and more. The effect of this collective frustration is now seen in many areas, such as in social, financial, and political unrest, as well as in all the social interactions of humanity. Then, of course, there are always those who attempt to channel this anger for their own agenda.

The easiest way to explain what is happening is to understand that humans have now moved into the age of empowerment. In this higher energy, each expression of life now has a need to live and express more of its own light, or empowerment. Your physical bodies can now hold more light, and without the opportunity to express that light, it turns into frustration that begins to build. Humans will see this increase in intensity over the next year, and they will erupt in ways unseen for some time. Many of the events that will make your headlines in the year 2016 will be related to this frustration.