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You Have the Golden Keys to Your Crystal Cave of Knowing

You Have the Golden Keys to Your Crystal Cave of Knowing Archangel Michael through Therese Dorer

I find myself at the entrance of a dark cave. I am encouraged to walk deep into the belly of Mother Earth. As I step across the threshold, I feel cocooned by the inky darkness, and I am encouraged to release my fears and doubts into the womb of the Mother. I go deeper and deeper into the cave until I emerge into a crystal cavern full of rainbow light. At the entrance to the cave is a shaft of light that emanates sublime love, and we are welcomed by Archangel Michael.

Welcome to all who choose to hear these words. It is with love and respect I come forth to speak with you today. I want to reassure you that I hear your prayers, see your tears, and know your love, sweet children of Earth. We on this side of the veil have so much respect and love for you and your journey on the beautiful Gaia. I offer you these words of comfort this day and ask you to allow the light and love into your heart. My intention in coming forth to you is for you to feel my love and light, which is offered freely and with blessings.

I know each of you has your fears, doubts, and worries, and there are times when you feel you are walking alone in the dark tunnel of life. When these times present themselves, I ask you to call on me and my entourage for support, love, and wisdom, and we will be there with your next breath.