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A Year to Balance Your Flow of Life

A Year to Balance Your Flow of Life Rhonda Smith

You have spent a year deciding who you are and who you want to be. Now it's time to manifest that in the physical world. You do it by finding the balance point between giving and receiving — the flow of life energies — and staying there. These energies are benevolent and allow you to possess prosperity and success. However, it will only happen if you take the responsibility and authority to serve humankind. Just remember that you are part of humankind and the martyr paradigm is outdated. You will not gain points by remaining the victim. You cannot serve others from a hospital bed. It's time to reevaluate and find the balance that results in unity. Power with is always stronger than power over. Keep repeating: "United we stand; divided we fall." You have connected with your wisdom to pioneer in the realms of human relationships. Use your sense of generosity wisely and in balance, and it will be an asset to you and others. This vibration is the greatest expression of God, the Universe, Source (whatever you want to call it), on the material plane.

2015 (26/8)

January (27/9): You begin this year with the energies of finishing and beginning. These are energies of balance, and that balance is of universal love and brother-/sisterhood. You are surrounded by the vibration of justice and wisdom to enhance your ability to maintain harmony and peace, a necessary precursor to abundance. Use your creative mind and love of beauty and art to fine-tune your original approach to any situation in order to bring your ideas and ideals into manifestation.

February (28/10/1): This month is a month for success if — and only if — you are willing to seek justice in everything, accepting responsibility for leadership and pioneering in your own way. It is originality and initiative that sweep away the old concepts to start anew. Work on understanding that it's not really about thinking outside the box. It's also about understanding and realizing that there no longer is a box.