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Twelve Tools of Enlightenment

Twelve Tools of Enlightenment Jeshua through Lea Chapin

Greetings, my beloveds. It is I, Yeshua. As I enter into your vibration, I bow to each of you. I simply ask you to hold your frequency and vibration to the highest level you are able to possibly receive. With the new energy of this powerful paradigm shift, each of you is to live as sacred beings. The energy of Mother Earth has shifted so beautifully, powerfully, and exponentially that you each have grown and expanded more than you can truly understand. Today, as I help each of you to use what I call your box of tools, I ask you to feel this freedom and joy and to truly live in the essence of love.

Opening Up the Toolbox

Tool one — breath of life: May I begin by explaining my first tool? My first tool is for you is to simply breathe. The beautiful energy and essence of your breath of life will connect you instantly to the seventh-dimensional frequency. As you allow your body to breathe and expand, it will hold the essence and power of the beautiful life force and energy of prana. As you hold the frequency of the vital life force of the God essence within your breath and within your own essence, I ask you once again to simply breathe.

Many humans are not able to breathe completely or in their fullest essence due to anxiety, fear, or stress. Shallow breathing cuts you off from the life source of God. As you breathe, you align yourself to the higher source, the power of the light through the energy of the prana that lies deep inside of your being — not completely, but it cuts off the energy of awareness of who you truly are. Instantly, when you fully breathe, you align yourself to your higher self. You align yourself to the power of the light, to the energy of the prana that lives deep inside your being.