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Time for the Snake Power to Return

Time for the Snake Power to Return Mary Magdalena through Virginia Ellen

As you evolve and come into the divine qualities of the snake goddess and her power, you will find that you are sincere and honest in your communications and prayers. Living in denial will be a thing of the past, for you will see clearly into yourself and others. The fear of loss will be gone from your reality, and you will have the power to create, so there is no need to back down or compromise. In the new energy of self-love and truth of self, you will continually evolve and let go hundreds of times, creating what is right for you in the moment. You will be creating from your divinity and not your fears.

The Power of the Divine Feminine

The power is the Divine Feminine gifts of transformation, healing, and creation. These gifts are within our sacred seals. The gifts and ancient wisdom are hidden in chambers right above the chakras. These holy chambers, known as sacred seals, seal away this information until humanity is ready to uncover what is within them. These sacred seals must be activated in order to enter the hidden chambers of God. As these chambers are unveiled, the ancient wisdom of God that has been lost for eons will be revealed to you in a way that you can understand and implement in daily living. Then this loving energy and wisdom will be available to be expressed through you and lived by you. This is one of the steps involved in becoming God-human, creating heaven and earth within you and in the world.

The ancient Goddess culture represented the power of God in human form. The great Goddess within you will activate your sacred seals. As the shift in energy and consciousness began, the male dominant energy of control took power, and the ways of the Goddess and the power of God were destroyed. Women were made less than men. God became a male energy, not a universal energy of both Divine Female and Divine Male. As the Goddess fell from grace, so did the human race.