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The Symbiotic Relationship between Humans and Animals

The Symbiotic Relationship between Humans and Animals One Voice of the Animal Kingdom through Carol Long

I call the One Voice of the Animal Kingdom.

Yes, we will respond and are here now. What do you wish to say, wish us to say, on this day?

Thank you so much for joining me here in this way. We humans in our cycles — seasonal and annual — get very curious about what the next one will be like. Today I would like to ask you on behalf of many humans to share any knowledge you have about the coming cycle — beginning soon after the next solstice, starting 2015 and going beyond. I have some questions, but I stand aside if you would like to start now.

Your new upcoming year will embed you more deeply into the arms of nature, into her bowels, not unlike an egg implanted into a womb. Truly, as new humans — which is what we call you as you awaken and stir, as you find yourself more closely aligned in the deeper dimensional realms that are closer to the heart of Earth and therefore our hearts — you in your awakening are in a birthing state. This is not news to you, but we tell you this in order to contextualize our vantage point.