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Stop and Contemplate

Stop and Contemplate The Spirit of Space and Gabriel et al. through Arthur Fanning

Note to reader: Words in italics were delivered with emphasis, |Stop and Contemplate| indicates a pause with a shift in the energy by the being speaking through Arthur, and [ ] Indicates words inserted for clarity.

Now, what we are working toward is the basic understanding that thoughts are things, eventually manifested, result in the physical and the paradigm with your structure of language, be it English, French, German, Russian, Chinese, is a … and has been, an evolution in consciousness expression because your vocabulary and your words, even over the centuries, or over 50, 20 years, changes. With that change there is a different feeling incorporated within the physical form in understanding. We are and have been petitioned to do this to bring back the old way, OLD (capital letters) way, where you knew that you were a sovereign entity.

The Cognizant Being of All Things

You knew how to do it. You knew how to (I'll say) conceptualize thought without a word. You knew the music of the spheres. You knew the connection between the moon and the sun and the shadow of the earth, and the day and night thing. You knew. You knew how to do it. You were like a (how you say?)