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Spread Your Love and Light throughout the World

Spread Your Love and Light throughout the World Isis of Egypt through Beverley Bright Star

Hello again. This is Isis of Thebes and Karnak. I want you all to know that my channeling for 2015 is not going to be so much a prediction but will be more of a comment on a more spiritual way to view the world, especially for this next year. Always remember that the way of worldly events that are around you and the way that they have been reported is not entirely the real sequence of events. Things have taken place that you do not know about, and other things have, of course, been skewed for, let's say, someone else's personal agenda. Things are not nearly as dire as the mass media would have you believe.

I want you all to remember that the major news networks have a vested interest in portraying and, therefore, keeping you thinking that the world is always in a state of utter chaos and that it is on the brink of war half the time. It is not, and all evidence to the contrary, there are many wonderful advances in the world that you live in presently that are never reported. You will not have much chance of hearing those stories until someone high up in the news business realizes that they are creating some of the chaos themselves by the way that things are reported. And that, my dears, will most likely not come about for some time.

As you all well know, the raising of the consciousness of an entire planet takes time, sometimes a lot of time, before things move enough to be noticed. I want you all to also remember, as you enjoy this beautiful holiday season, that we are all "drinking the ocean" in that it takes quite a lot of movement and advancement for it to be felt on the global scale. But those advances are indeed being made every day all around the globe. It is just that, as you all well know by now, you will not hear about it from a national or syndicated news source. Go within for those answers that you seek. Your heart and soul will tell you where you are in your own spiritual profile and path, and your spirit and inner knowing will tell you where the world is at that point in time. Remember that any situation is always helped by holding the love and light closely in your hearts, my dears. The great womb of the Mother is always there to bring you comfort and solace.