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Soul-to-Soul: the Only Way Forward

Soul-to-Soul: the Only Way Forward Sage Council through Cheryl Rose

We are so happy to be back in your energetic field of awareness with the space of time between our last communications. We feel the energy vortexes — the series of energetic pulses and openings — that are happening on Earth and the alignment and movement of your astrological planets in how they are relating to physical life here and in the cosmos.

With our focus on the future, to where humanity is going, we see much evolution in the year 2015. We see much culmination. We see much opportunity for expanded gifts, expanded action with promise, expanded connection with community, expanded collaboration, expanded shared power opportunity. And of course, with these potentials are energies that want to hold on to the status quo, certainty, and knowing that things will somehow remain stable when in fact the desire for stability is old energy.

For eons, messages channeled from masters have said that there is no constant but change, that there is no such thing as stability, and that stability lives within chaos, chaos lives within stability. The two are interchangeable, and one cannot exist without the other.