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Simple Guidelines for Shifting into Your Most Amazing Self

Simple Guidelines for Shifting into Your Most Amazing Self The Angels Known as One through Terra Sonora

Greetings, dear ones. We are the Energies of One, fully present here with you today. As we look ahead to the new energies, it is obvious that new paradigms are prevailing and any old patterns of the past simply cannot hold on. Universe may create the most bizarre experiences in your life to shake you up. If you have done your work well, you may have dodged a bullet, and hopefully your life lessons show up in loving and gentle ways. Unfortunately, human dramas are not often loving and gentle.

As you evolve, your consciousness aligns with truth and integrity so solidly that life does not exist without pure adherence to the truth. This is not always easy, especially when you might still carry some triggers of unresolved pain of the past. Relationships will gladly push any buttons of unhealed issues. The key is to not take anything personally and to look within, get the lesson, and then move directly into self-love as quickly as possible. [Laughs.] We just gave you the honest quick formula for getting over it — whatever it might be. You begin to see the button pushing as unresolved pain you forgot you had.

This is the opportunity to seize. Forgive yourself! Let go of all guilt and shame, and immediately return to your heart full of love. Remember you are a loving being in this human experience, and you are light.