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Shifting Your View of Reality

Shifting Your View of Reality God through Liane Rich

You will begin to see great changes in the way you live your life, as you are about to open up to a completely new way of perceiving reality. You are all creative beings, and you each create your own personal realities and your own view, or perspective, of that particular reality.

For years now, you have been shifting your view of reality, and this allows you to have greater awareness. Awareness is the ability to know what is occurring without condemning or judging what is occurring. When you begin to wake up to the fact that you are indeed a spiritual being, you will begin to see how you have misjudged many situations that are currently being created by the collective unconscious.

You are at the door of awakening, and the veil is being lifted. Light has been pouring into this Earth plane for some time now, and this light has been affecting many of you in very different ways. For the most part, you are beginning to see how life is actually very, very good. You are changing your view of life by allowing it to be acceptable and by allowing judgment to fall away. Judgment and criticism are two very powerful energies, and these two energies cause great complications for you.