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Ritual: Live as a Master

Ritual: Live as a Master The Divine Feminine through Wendy Zellea

Rituals are sequences of actions that are performed to achieve a desired outcome. There are many types of rituals. In fact, from a certain point of view, life itself is a ritual. In the new era, lightworkers have once again become aware of the value of integrating consciously designed rituals into their daily lives. These can take the form of meditating, practicing a healing modality, walking in nature, and working with crystals, along with a variety of other actions that are intended to enhance your life and contribute to or accelerate your spiritual path.

Rituals are meant to be uplifting, raising consciousness higher so that it is more resonant with the flow of life. This is why religious rituals are incorporated into the practice of worship, but a ritual is not meant to be static, or it becomes stale. Instead, it should be dynamic and in sync with the vibration intended to lift up the person to a higher place. Therefore, the rituals that you practice now can change, and those you did in the past can be replaced by new ones. On the other hand, those that have been set aside can again become relevant.

For example, many lightworkers began their paths with a Reiki practice. As their spiritual growth progressed, they felt as though Reiki was too elementary for them. As they become even more enlightened over time, they might come to realize that since they are still living in a three-dimensional body, Reiki can be very useful for the physical form. In fact, when they return to the practice of Reiki, they find that the amount of life force energy that they are channeling has greatly increased.