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Return to the Light in Consciousness

Return to the Light in Consciousness The Tree People through Joshua Davis

We have never felt so hopeful as we do now, for we know that in the coming year, more of Earth's people will fall in love with trees. More of you will awaken to the great wisdom of trees and come to appreciate us for the grand conscious beings we are. This will be a great step forward for the planet. Some people will see a tree for the first time, so to speak, and they will gaze at it in wonderment while asking themselves how it is they never noticed one of us before or never felt the life force of such a magnificent being in the past. Although we are rooted into your third-dimensional soil, we are beings of the fifth dimension. We are love and joy in physical manifestation on your planet.

We bring the consciousness of peace, stillness, pure bliss, and unconditional love for all humans who wish to understand these energies. Some of you do not recognize this because you do not see it in yourselves, and you do not remember who you really are. We are complete and total bliss. This is how we feel most of the time on any given day, no matter the chaos that may be going on around us. On rare occasions, one of us may feel sensitive to noise, fear, or anger from the humans. But normally we grow and reach for the sky in ecstatic vibration and joy. We know who we are. We are beings of light and love and great wisdom and are ready to share these attributes with anyone willing to listen and feel our heartbeat.

Our planet is growing and expanding in light. For those sensitive enough to see, our energy fields are expanding. They are brighter and more exuberant. We are aware of the energy fields of humans and their intentions. When we feel something, we know and trust it to be true. Let's go, humans! You need to do the same. That which you feel in your bodies is your inner guidance. However, your thinking minds stop you in your tracks. They back you up and keep you from moving or expanding your life. You don't need physical proof of anything.