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Release the Past to Embrace the New Age

Release the Past to Embrace the New Age Amma the Divine Mother through Cathy Chapman

My dear ones, I am Amma the Divine Mother of the divine mothers. I am your mother. You grew within my womb and I still nourish you within my womb. You are never alone. I am always here with you, as are all the wonderful beings you made contracts with to be with you during this lifetime.

You have had many wonderful beings accompanying you in this lifetime. Most of you reading these words have said goodbye to one set of guides. Now you have welcomed in another set of guides who are working with you in your higher vibration.

It is not that your previous guides were of a lower vibration. It was that your vibration had changed, as had theirs. It was time for all of you to move on. Enjoy these new guides that have come to you. They have been carefully selected by your soul self.