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The Re-creation of the New World

The Re-creation of the New World Mahaavatar Babaji through Rae Chandran

Hello, precious ones. My deepest love to all of you, for all of you are soul extensions of the Creator, as am I. At this particular time when the world is on the cusp of a major shift, both politically and spiritually, you must awaken from the deep slumber and take part in the re-creation of the new world. What does it mean to re-create a new world? It is not only in ascending a new consciousness — which at best times are on and off, not throughout the waking state — but also participating fully in the cleansing and healing of the land you live on. These must go hand in hand. What we have observed is that the lightworkers tilt toward either one or the other, focusing only on themselves or focusing only on healing the outside world. In truth, you cannot heal the outside when you are not working on yourselves and vice versa. These complement each other.

I would like to bring your attention at this point to doing specific work for healing Earth. There are many layers of healing for Earth that are required at this time. One has to do specifically with healing the lost souls that are still on the Earth plane, and this is a great burden on Mother Earth's body. Combined with this, the deceased who carry hatred or deep-seated rage (or any of the other debilitating emotions they had when they passed away) are also being transferred to Mother Earth's body, especially if they are buried in the ground. This also affects the newborn children in that region, for they have the great potential to carry many of the same emotions as the deceased. What the deceased are leaving is an energy imprint on the ground. Children, who are like sponges, easily pick this up, and they may have the tendency to grow up having these qualities, especially of hatred, rage, anger, nonforgiveness, and so on.

In this respect, there are two things I suggest you do: First, call forth, connect with, and gently guide the lost souls to the place they belong. Then call forth the angel of transition to assist these souls to heal or erase the memory of all the hatred, rage, anger, and so forth, they carry inside. Support them to go on their journeys on the other side. After you do this, you can also ask for the assistance of the Angel of Resurrection to heal the deceased's etheric body and energy body, along with the auric body. Angels of Resurrection work with the frequencies in the body, especially the energies and frequencies in the cells, blood, bones, tissues, and skin. When this is done, as the deceased are reincarnated, they will come with a clean slate of energy. I encourage you to participate in this so that Earth's healing can truly begin.