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Put in the Work to See Your Dreams Come True

Put in the Work to See Your Dreams Come True Donna Taylor

The big news this month is that Saturn changes signs. This only happens once every two and half years, so it's a rather important time in the astrological calendar. Signs that will be particularly interested in this planetary shift will be Scorpio, who has had the pleasure of Saturn's company during these past two years, and Sagittarius, who is preparing to put out the welcome mat, frantically whipping round the house trying to make sure everything is in order. After all, Saturn can be quite a stern taskmaster, reminding us of our responsibilities and the importance of hard work: If we want something, we have to put in the effort.

Saturn starts hyperventilating whenever he hears people talking about manifesting in glib terms. If we think that all we have to do to manifest our dream homes is to visualize them or that we can cosmically order the perfect partner, we will likely be disappointed. Of course, it isn't that these things aren't possible. It's just that they're highly unlikely when Saturn's around. He is the down-to-earth realist, so this is important information to bear in mind if you're born under the sign of the Archer.

Yours might be the luckiest sign of the zodiac, but even an Archer's good fortune can run a little thin when Saturn comes to visit, so it's perhaps best to say things as they are: For the next two to three years, things won't come so easily to the Sagittarius. Challenges may have to be faced, and things will have to be worked for. Saturn has no time for shortcuts, quick fixes, or wishful thinking. He does, however, have plenty of time for hard work, perseverance, and responsibility — all of which will be richly rewarded for the Sagittarians if they're prepared to put the effort in.