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Prophecy Today The Peacemakers through Greg Branson

Rather reluctantly, humankind is beginning to look at the paths stretching far back into the mists of its karmic past that have led to this present period of world crisis. People want to know what the future holds as if by this knowledge alone they can better negotiate the tortuous path that will see them through it. The scriptures tell us of the time when the lion will be at one with the lamb, and many people working on a wavelength of prayer and meditation are able to sense something of the future perfection as yet a mere blueprint in the ethers. But without some understanding of how the restrictions in the way of this perfection came into being and without a willingness to engage in their outworking, optimism will surely be misplaced.

We see your politicians, lurching from one confrontation to another, one crisis after another, because they still view everything from the limited perspectives of present circumstance and outmoded belief. In the previous century, two world wars, countless other conflicts, economic bubbles bursting followed by unwanted recessions, and ill thought-out responses have pulled the rug from under the securities that many cling to. But all of these provided your leaders with opportunities to learn lessons, and sometimes they did, at least for a time. Systems of control put in place for the New Deal, for example, were sensible, but human greed eventually caused the movers and shakers to forget the essential reasons for those controls. Now their systems are being tested to the limit yet again.

To survive intact in these increasingly chaotic times, it is important to learn to handle the unexpected. Equally, if you can sense something of what lies ahead and are willing to acknowledge the wrong impulses that could defeat the efforts to bring good things into being, then you will gradually be able to erect strong foundations for the future that will withstand the buffeting of the winds of chance and change.