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Prepare Yourselves for Challenge and Change

Prepare Yourselves for Challenge and Change Lady Portia & The Ascended Masters through Star Hinman

Lady Portia and Saint Germain: Earth is moving into a time of intense challenge and change for the lightworkers on Earth. You will each be challenged to connect your consciousness with the deepest levels of strength, guidance, and certainty within you as Earth literally shifts beneath your feet. As Earth herself enters higher and higher energies, you are being carried into new and untold realms for humanity, and this is not without its challenges for you. Each of you must now be willing to change in order to follow the programs being outlined for you through the individual assistance you are receiving from your spiritual guides and teachers. Yes, each of you is now receiving intense guidance in your period of transformation, and it is vital that you contact all levels of who you are so that you both hear and listen to instruction from your higher knowledge on your path forward. All levels of yourself — physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional — and the perspectives that they bring have specific information and wisdom about how to respond to the many changes in your inner and outer worlds, leading you forward. You are being stimulated and inspired to grow and change from the deepest levels within you.

This process will be an immense challenge for many of you. You must keep your balance as earthly, though highly spiritual, beings capable of raising the level of awareness to the highest spiritual realms of knowledge, wisdom, and guidance in order to do the work you have come here to do and to be the guiding force and lightbearers for many. You will each learn how to bring forth from the deepest levels within you all that you have learned on Earth through many lifetimes and also through your experiences within the spiritual realms. Using your living example, you can guide others in how to live in light and keep your connection to the highest spiritual realms amid the chaos and confusion in the outer world, for many of the earthly systems, such as politics and economics, will be thrown into disarray in preparation for the time of great change that approaches.

Chaos and Change-Makers

It is well known by your scientists who observe these things that, as a system approaches the time of shifting from one paradigm to another, a time of chaos makes a prerequisite appearance. This chaos occurs as the previous organization dissolves in preparation for the formation and appearance of the next level of being. This is what is happening for you now on Earth, as so much is shifting and changing in the political and economic situations, to name only two. The old order of things is being gradually dissolved in preparation for the appearance of the new, those things that will serve you much better in the outer world.