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The Power of Re-Memorying

The Power of Re-Memorying Naylin Lagé through Maria Yraceburu

Others can harm you, but only if you let them. The most potent energy crack — the most insidious darkness invitation — is your fear. Chronic fear, worry, resentment, and skepticism open the door. Release these and be free, dear ones. Bless the gift of the lesson, and be done with it. Then you are free. The guzhugjua bidáa (perfectly encircling light of All That Is) keeps out doubt and fear. Affirm and always face the light.

Emotions are a powerful energy. The weather does not exist without human emotions generating it. What happens is a reciprocal stimulation of reality. Humans become engraved with circuitry activations. Upon this, life is built.

In 2015, you will define a series of steps by means of which you elicit the resolve to a 758,000-year-old soul sickness. Three dimensions of color become the way it works. Just imagine! You vision naturally. Recall, explore, and journey so that you can see solutions with your inner eye. Pass through the portal of time where things become apparent. Do not go around pushing each other off balance. Enter into an agreement in which everyone is valuable. Listen before speaking. See what happens. Clear and resolve.