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Post-2012: What Now?

Post-2012: What Now? The Pleiadians through Heather Wallace

Dear ones, we marvel at and applaud the progress you have made! The Earth plane is not for the faint of heart! This ascension process is not complete. The 2012 marker was not an indication of the final transformation, from one vibration to another, but rather a crossing of the threshold into a new, expanded vibratory space. Energetically and physically adjusting to this space doesn't happen overnight. The energetic and physical body is undergoing a serious upgrade. This involves a rewiring process of the energetic body in which old beliefs and fears are released, making way for new energies of a higher vibration to come in.

For generations, humans have been running energy on a rule-/fear-based system of "should": I should do "this." I have to do "that." Now that is changing dramatically as people shift from that fear-based system to a choice-based system: What do I want? What best serves my greatest good? What makes me happy? There is a chakra — the high-heart chakra — that until now has resided in your energetic body. Now it is being pulled from the etheric into the physical body.

This chakra resides between the throat and heart chakra, and it radiates fuchsia in color. This chakra allows for greater love, love that is divine/universal in nature rather than personal, and it pulls in this energy of forward movement based on choice and freedom instead of fear and rules. You are in the process of switching from one operating system to another. Previously, the root chakra was the seat of your energetic wiring system and from where energy fed the other energy centers. Now, the high heart is becoming home to the seat of your energy flow (where the kundalini resides). This is a gradual process of switching from one operating system to the other, and people are in varying stages of switching over.