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The Physics of Consciousness: the Future Revealed

The Physics of Consciousness: the Future Revealed Kryon through Lee Carroll

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. This communication will be a little different. It's about an overview of your future, yet the very term "future" is elusive since it can span almost any length of time. It's not about a future that is immediate; rather, it's the future of the planet in general. This is the kind of channeling that my partner has trouble with because the things that are often delivered are conveyed outside of the purview of his three-dimensional brain. He receives these kinds of messages, sometimes in duplicate or even in triplicate. At the same time he's speaking to you, he gets other messages so that he can enhance the one he is giving. It happens yet again when he transcribes it. This is the best we can do when giving a multidimensional message to a three-dimensional brain, so he struggles sometimes, and if it's too cryptic for him, he will simply back up and give the translation again.

This is the kind of message that you may wish to review many times. It's the kind of message that you might put into a time capsule so that you can open it later and understand it more fully after things have changed a bit. Pieces and parts of the information I give now have been alluded to [hinted at] before, but now we want to paint a bigger picture.

I speak about the shift a great deal. My partner is giving lectures on what is next for you, but his lectures only represent the infancy of what is next. He can only present to you the things that are in the framework of your understanding. He gives it to a Humanity who will go step by step in their logic, only understanding things through what they know, not what they don't know. It's a puzzle, isn't it, trying to decipher what could be in a framework you have never experienced? It's different, and it's slow. But that's where it begins, dear ones, and it's all we have to work with.