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The Path of the Soul

The Path of the Soul The Council of Seven through Karen K. Russell

Light is light. It is seen differently, however, through many eyes. God knows this and gives the options and freedom to each creation so that they can grow into more God-like beings. Humans are slow to release into healing, for they cannot imagine that it can be done so rapidly. They believe miracles are usually only found outside their experience. Much of the formation of such consciousness takes place on another plane, unseen, unknown to mortal mind but is nevertheless a reality.

Never think of thyself as poor. It draws that to you. Think instead about your inner riches, your surroundings, your loving relationships, your health, and your work as a seeker of truth. So much true wealth is already thine, is it not? Think on these things. It is unfortunately normal for mortals to always seek more, making satisfaction and peace unknown or rarely ever sought. Some lessons have been costly for you. Often this is the only way the lesson will be accepted: with pain or regret so that memory serves for the future. Pain and fear can be great teachers — sometimes the only ones mortals will acknowledge. If it appears too easy, mortal minds listen not. You always have choices. This can be learned by acceptance as truth. Again, with choices and many roads, you mold your growth. We do not take responsibility for you, for that is your own growth.

It has been prophesied, foretold that Earth's energy is reflected in its people. It is about rapid change, you know. To advance, there must be establishment of new patterns. You asked whether the soul chooses and how. We say, yes, to a degree. The soul, before entering a new opportunity, is not given details such as how it shall die or suffer. It would slow the natural progression of evolvement. The soul is often given a choice based on its past karma, as it is called. Does it wish to finish other lessons begun before and with those same souls?