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One Heart, One Humanity

One Heart, One Humanity Altura through Laura Pieratt

Let's begin with love. Love is, after all, the key to all unfoldment in the highest good of life for all. Where is love lacking? Where is love being chosen, and where is it being left out of the equation? As you look around you in your outer world of politics, religion, entertainment, education, organizations, families, communities, and hearth and home, what do you notice regarding love? Can you see its brilliant light? Are you overlooking its presence as you focus on lesser goals and lesser good? Where is it possible to bring more love to the table? Is there a possibility for love to be broadened, expanded, exposed, and expected in more consistent ways?

We speak of love here now because it is such a key. It is completely relevant to all that follows from this day onward. Love is the center and the core of the human heart. It is the galactic connection, the one voice and one knowing that run to the deepest core of every human. Many have suggested that water is the common thread between humans, but we would say it is love. Yes, one must have water to survive, but one must have love to thrive! And what is the New Earth about if not humanity taking the next evolutionary step forward to thrive in unified awareness of the human family as one. One heart, one human, one humanity — the key is love. We cannot overstate love as the prime ingredient in humanity's movement forward into the New Earth and the true evolution of humankind.

Love Is the Key to a Unified Perspective

All is well, dear ones. We know it does not appear so to your eyes. We realize your news and global events would have you look fearfully into your future with uncertainty in many fields of life. But we still hold true and tell you that you will emerge through the dust and rubble of changing times. And the key we give to you, the way through, is the cohesive, unified human heart that knows love is at its core.