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New World Cycles

New World Cycles The New Ascended Masters through Maurene Watson

In your next world age, you gain awareness as your own Source creators, wherein your consciousness creates everything (as your natural passion chooses) right out of your very own love! As new DNA biophysical masters of conscious creation, you're simply living in your unique natural soul essence self. Walking this plane in divine self-love, you offer the planet a new consciousness to choose new creations, innovations, and solutions by being living examples of embodied conscious self-love.

Humanity can know that the illusion of not being love can no longer exist and can no longer be felt by the soul's natural essence if soul self-love is chosen first. As cosmic beings, you will be busy rebuilding and remembering your solar systems and universes using new living metaconscious substances in every area of your life — from food, housing, travel, biosystems, and extraordinary meta-cell biological essence senses and abilities. It was the difficult work and courage of the human enduring evolution — to go through things that angels had never felt — that built this new essence omni-cell soul heart.

There are still many cosmic beings who experience ultraterrestrial divine mind as love but who have never mastered a bio-body of their own soul — except through you human evolutionary masters who are their anchors. There remain fragmented extraterrestrial creators who chose but avoided this by trying to feed off their own creations instead of developing the individual character and heart though their own direct soul or human lifetimes. All these fragments will return to the source that created them and heal, recycle, or regenerate them until love absorbs their essences.