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New Souls Bring New Gifts

New Souls Bring New Gifts The Galactic Council through Kenton David Bell

This coming year, 2015, will be a year of balancing, continuing a balancing that has been taking place these last ten years. Mother Earth will begin to find her new cosmic orbit. However, in this year, some of the balancing will show up as earthly shifts. In April, you will experience a ripe time of planetary balancing. This could mean some global shifts, such as earthquakes, floods, eruptions, or tidal activity. This could also mean the releasing of old energy that you've been seeing as manifestations in the form of some of the wars being waged on the planet.

The Middle East has been the anchoring region of some of these energies for many centuries. These energies have been active for the past 13,000 years in the galactic cycle. As these archetypical expressions are becoming complete, the people who live in these regions begin to play a new game of tolerance and compassion for one another. This next year will be seen as a turning point for this region. However, it will take some time as old habits are difficult to break. Part of this is due to the wiring of the soul families who have come forth to take these expressions on and are now beginning to cycle through with new programming. But it will take a solid generation cycle to really anchor the peace.

Some may feel that the fighting and waging of war in these areas has been for naught. Dear one, that is about as far from the truth as you could imagine. These energies have been part of the Creator's plan to develop new levels of compassion and deeper understanding for the cycle that you and the planet are now entering. You see, in order to have the deeper understanding that is necessary for the people of this new galactic cycle, the strife and friction have been important to create the environment in which the grief arises so that there is compassion and understanding that humanity is truly one. This is the only way this could happen in this time-space envelope on this spiritual/bio/emotional human program called the earthly human experience.