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Manifesting Change Will Get Easier

Manifesting Change Will Get Easier Mary, Queen of the Angels through Mariana M. Cooper

Brightest blessings to you all. I am Mary, Queen of the Angels, also aptly referred to as the Virgin Mary. It is my intention to provide you with practical wisdom that is relevant to your daily lives. We are very aware of the complexities of taking on a physical vessel and what it takes to navigate in the modern world.

That, my friends, I am happy to say, is what is going to get much easier to do in 2015 and beyond. Now that we have changed over to our new energetic grid that has been, as you call it, "upgraded" to a higher frequency than ever before in your history, you have the capacity to use many of the tools you were born with but that have had to lie dormant until the frequency was available. There are many vortexes on the planet where this energy continues to pour in, and the crystalline grid is more amplified and efficient than ever.

You might have felt more of a pull to work with crystals and sacred stones as of late, and that is because the crystal kingdom and elementals are in rare form. All of their wisdom is now coming readily available. They are truly the time capsules of Earth. But just like any of your electronic systems in the physical world, you need three parts for success: (1) the power source, (2) the appliance or apparatus, and (3) the intention for its use. In this case, the power source is the crystalline grid, the apparatus is your crystalline energy (which is housed in every cell of your body), and the intention is yours to choose. Our intention is to raise your awareness of what you really have to work with and to get you to actually start using it.