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Love Becomes Visible

Love Becomes Visible God through Yael Hana Powell

Beloved ones, 2015 is a year to be excited about. It is the point at which love becomes visible to the world. It is the time of releasing the hold of the little mind: the ego. It is the point at which light becomes visible and physicality begins to disappear.

What this means to you is that you will begin to see right through what appears before you. You will see the truth of love shining so clearly that your heart instantly connects with the truth of everything that is the world. This is the point, beloved ones, long agreed on for the visible effect of the ending of time.

While you are still in transition, this is also the result of loosening the hold of the ego-mind on humankind. The consensual dream of a physical world, of a limited life full of restrictions, can no longer hold your attention. Instead, just like sun shining through a curtain, the truth of love will appear right before you, shimmering and clear, revealing moment to moment what the will of love is for you.