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Live Each Day Fully Committed to Love

Live Each Day Fully Committed to Love Master Djwhal Khul through Kathlyn Kingdon

Ah, beloved students, have you had enough of the unpredictability of 2014? I greet you this month in the spirit of anticipation, as you await the shifting energies of a dawning new year to grace the horizons of a new age. I have been revealing the presence of this new age for some time now, haven't I? What's more, you have gleaned much from other teachers, as well, and now it is incumbent on you to put all that knowledge into action. Indeed, you must become the new age.

As we previously noted, 2014 offered multiple opportunities to dance with the death sorcerer and to do so at many experiential levels. While many actually died, those of you still in physical form got to witness the sorcerer's presence in many areas of your respective lives. Truly, one of the profound lessons of 2014 has been about letting go at multiple levels. For many, the experience was more like being stripped of precious reference points, a process that left some wondering who they were and what their lives were really about. Although the process was likely somewhat uncomfortable, it is important to note that the transformation begun this year is reaching into literally every pocket of the planet. Of course, this process is as yet incomplete, so keep your seat belts buckled!

As we look into 2015, we can see that the wave of Aquarian energies emanating from the galactic center must continue, and you can look for energetic escalations in January, April, July, September, and probably November. As in 2014, these elevations in vibratory frequencies will reveal many areas in need of cleansing and purification, both at a planetary level and a personal level. My advice for negotiating the waves and storms in the ocean of evolving life in 2015 is to pay close attention to what is arising in each moment and to avoid the sleepiness of old, familiar patterns.