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The Life You Are Meant to Live

The Life You Are Meant to Live The Center of A through Debbie Anderson

As you move forward into 2015, the simplicity of the vibrational camaraderie of humanity is love. Never think ill of another, because a thought should be used wisely. Love and peace is given to all in the hope that, one day, you will live as one, regardless of beliefs or thoughts, not judging by creed or color, whether you are a man, woman, or child. Stop placing values on whether you are rich or poor because this is not important to the spiritual body.

Take the responsibility of caring for your brothers and sisters, whether they are close by you or oceans away. Don't allow hatred or greed to feed on your living soul, because this only builds a wall around you. Perceive others from the inside, because that is all you should really see. Always give comfort and encouragement to everyone. Stop yourself before you hurt others, even if they have done so to you. It doesn't make it right. Instead, step away from the negative, and send out thoughts of light and vibrational healing. Remember to allow people the right to find enlightenment on whatever path they so choose.

Be Your Own Spiritual Being

This story we share because we want you, as a child of the universal light, to expand your knowledge: Once upon a time, an enlightened being sat with the children to share the story about being different yet the same. Their faces lit with eagerness to hear of such completeness. When the knowledge had been shared, a small voice asked, "But why am I a different color to my friends?"