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Integrating Sacred Wisdom for Earth's Future

Integrating Sacred Wisdom for Earth's Future The Wisdom Guardians through Lightstar

We are the Wisdom Guardians. We have come to share important information regarding the discovery of sacred knowledge, the use of power, and the integration of higher frequency downloads.

Sacred knowledge is being revealed to the masses, and awakenings are occurring at this time on Earth at an extremely rapid pace and will continue to do so more in your current and future timeline. So it is of vital importance that you understand how your choices will create and shape the future of your experiences on Earth.

We are called the Wisdom Guardians, and we serve throughout all universes. We assist in revealing knowledge throughout all sacred places, and we oversee beings receiving dispensations of wisdom. We have been guarding ancient secrets throughout the course of time. Our mission is to prepare all beings for the appropriate times for the revelation of knowledge stored and accessed within the soul's matrix.