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Humanity's Great Garbage Digestion

Humanity's Great Garbage Digestion The Cosmic Council of Light through Pat Crosby

A famous teaching story tells of a man who watched in fascination for years as his next-door neighbor dutifully watered a dead-looking stick in his yard every day. "Strange, bizarre ritual," he thought to himself. Then one day, after years of apparent nothing, the inner subtle workings of inherent energy brought the life in that stick to the surface. Tiny new leaves sprouted, and the stick began to grow taller and put forth branches. During all this time, of course, the "stick" was busy configuring itself by extending roots and preparing to manifest new growth — even though it looked dead.

Status Update

"Egad!" say so many. "What is happening on planet Earth? Did we shift? If so, did we shift forward or backward? We never imagined it would be like this!" Is this your prevailing sentiment? Do you feel you didn't sign on for all this chaos erupting and exploding on the planet during 2014? Aren't we finished yet with bullies, conquering titans, power grabs, misogyny, racism, and wars? Where is the peace that passeth understanding divine presence?

Well, dear beloved hearts, we are here to remind you with the turning of another Earth calendar cycle that much is in progress. Much of the old energy is being destroyed, ripped to shreds. Old power games are surfacing to the horror of people of peace everywhere. Just read the constantly negative news of mass media to get a bellyache, headache, and heartache.