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The Heart of Existence

The Heart of Existence The Lullites through Vera Nadine Boinn

Grand energies are being emitted day and night, both in your world and toward your world. They are being absorbed by everything, reflected to everyone. Some will be affected in a positive way, having great sudden leaps occurring in their lives. Others will be made angry by the energy, as they wish to embrace it, but their own darkness stands in their way. There is too much distance between their vibration and the vibration of the grand energies that are being sent. Those of darkness will not mean to be violent, but they may attack that which they see as light. It is a revulsion of the light that is born of jealousy, loneliness, and anger. Rather than trying to raise themselves toward it so that they can be part of it, they will instead push against it and try to squash it and bring it down. Very little of this will occur consciously.

Born of Light in the Midst of Darkness

It may seem counterintuitive, but you can believe us that the more violence, chaos, and upsetting events that you see in your world, the more light is multiplying within it. Some will say it is the universe trying to strike a balance, but this is not so. The universe was born of light in darkness. So all things that must metamorphose, all things that must be rebirthed or renewed, are born the same way as the universe: of light in the midst of darkness.

Take heart. The change will be rocky, and to many, it will be unexpected, for they have not been attuned to Earth or to Spirit. They have not been paying attention, so to speak. It will be unexpected, and it will be sudden. You can probably feel that you are on the precipice of something — you as a species, you as a planet — and this is true. But you are not on the precipice of complete ruin. You are on the precipice of complete renewal. You will be babes once again among your brethren in the universe. Your world will be a blank canvas upon which you can paint whatever you wish.