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Gateways to the New Dimension of Being

Gateways to the New Dimension of Being Spiritus Sanctus through Pam Murray

Greetings, beloved lightwalkers. You have been working hard to raise the vibrational level of your planet, and it has paid off! Everything you contributed to this in the past year has made it possible to enter a series of portals that have now opened to you. What are these portals? They are the gateways to the new dimension of being. If you choose to access and work with these portals, you can open up a new dimension in your life.

The year 2015 and beyond are truly the years of interdimensional awakening in ways you have not known before. You see, we play in the many dimensions of the universe. In these dimensions are more delights than you can imagine. But there can also be dangers if you walk unaware. You must move at a pace that honors your heart and the vibration rate of the bodily vessel you currently inhabit. When you begin the journey of accessing this higher consciousness, you affect the vibration rate at which you live and move and have your being. When you open to the promptings of your high self, you will find that your bodily and spiritual DNA will begin to change.

You Have Access to Ninety-Nine Portals

The quantum structure underlying the physical structure of your DNA is undergoing a transformation. This will enable you to thrive in the increased energy levels that will reclaim the world for that which radiates love, plenty, and prosperity for all. This quantum level of transformation — for which you have so longed — is what gives you the ability to play in and use the energies, knowledge, and wisdom of the portals. You will live in the future in this dimension.