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Feel the Dance of Being You

Feel the Dance of Being You Master Hilarion through Linda Edge

I bring greetings from near and far. Near, I say, because, in essence, I am part of you, not distinct from you; and you may reach me (and my wisdom) by going deep within. Far, I say, for I have journeyed farther than you have yet allowed yourself to do; therefore, I can see further and guide you accordingly.

The task at hand is to look to the year 2015 to discern the quality of energies that will both surround and permeate your being, your body, your thoughts, and more. Taking these energies into account, perhaps first and foremost is for you to remember your individuality within oneness. "Individuality?" you might ask. "I thought it was all about unity this year." Yes, indeed this is so, but you have not yet taken a clear stance on how you wish to conduct your individual life — which values you wish to subscribe to, which behaviors truly suit you, and so on. Many current behaviors are performed to fit in, to impress others, to feel a part of something larger, which in this case is not unity but rather a collection of people conducting daily endeavors from a place of fear, from a place of lack, and from a place of using individuality to stand out as something special.

True individuality, or uniqueness, is your nature. You are a light within a greater light. There is none other like you. You play a part in the whole, and this part can be discovered during this coming year. Should you fail to make this discovery, you will contribute to more of the same, which my awareness perceives as something you do not truly wish for yourself. So in this speaking, you are invited, beckoned, and called even to hold to your uniqueness, yes, to your individuality, as something that can make a difference in the new world being created.