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Endless Opportunities and Possibilities Abound

Endless Opportunities and Possibilities Abound Master Guides through Sharon Taphorn

You are making way for a new way of being, doing, and living life on planet Earth, and this can be a year of great opportunity and advancement with great potential for spiritual growth and understanding. Or — and this is a big "or" — it can be a year of challenges, obstacles, and general unpleasantness. The choice is entirely yours! Those of you who understand this principle are most likely the ones having a grand time and enjoying the party. You are setting the stage and planting the seeds for the manifestations you desire in the next cycle; choose wisely and carefully, as there is now less lag time in your creations.

Everything seems to have dual aspects in ways you haven't experienced since your latest grand shift began, and that will add a dimension to your life that might feel a bit challenging at first. Rest assured that any unpleasantness in the processing can be helped by your teachers and your healers, who are walking their talk. Not everyone out there offering you messages from Spirit are tapping into the energy with love and good intentions. Not everyone is of integrity, so those of you who are exploring must learn to use the discernment of your hearts and trust the feelings that they bring to your lives. Be silent and pay attention, simply observing with your eyes, ears, and physical feelings what is happening inside and around you and then choosing what is right and best for you in how you next take action.

If you have not already begun your journey of spiritual growth and the expansion of your senses and understanding of the mysteries of life, the universe, and All That Is, then this is your year to begin a magnificent new adventure, and we welcome you. Your ability to expand is magnified and your growth opportunities are accelerated exponentially, so choose to spend time this year on your spiritual aspirations, growth, pursuits, and quest for knowledge beyond the realm of what is considered to be "normal."