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Commune with Nature in Everything

Commune with Nature in Everything Gaia through Cristi Jenkins

Dear ones, I am Gaia, and I also speak for the collective energies that influence and work on the planet. I embrace the elementals as well as the devas and water spirits, the wind sprites, and various other beings who are every bit as much of your existence as you. You may not see them, but they play an important role in creating physical life for you.

Have you ever walked into the woods and suddenly felt a warmth and a knowing that you are not alone, that you are connected by a benevolent energy that moves through you every minute of every day? Have you felt this in the city as well? Is it easier for you to feel in the quiet space of nature?

For most of you, the answer to the last question will be yes. Why is that so? Is not the love of the universe ever present in each moment? It is indeed, but the question becomes: Why do you not allow yourselves to be nurtured by this love every moment of your lives? Why do you need to reserve the time to go to the quiet wooded area to feel the love of the Creator when it is with you always?