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Change Is Inevitable

Change Is Inevitable The Angels of Light through Thelma Bodnar

Dear ones, there is a union of all that is coming forth on the horizon. What does this mean to you in the coming days? Your time here has been foretold for millennia, and now your time here is the grand embarking of what you have chosen for yourself. Just as you each choose your moment-to-moment experiences, those choices ripple throughout the universe, giving rise to new choices for others.

Have we not said you are all one? In the same way, your selection of choices comes to you in part due to the choices others have made. It is an indefinite continuum. This day precedes tomorrow, which precedes the day after tomorrow. You lay the groundwork for all of your tomorrows with the choices you make today. So what does this day hold for you in terms of your future?

The acceleration of the advancement of all that Earth is going through now challenges each choice into rapid manifestation. The ins and outs of creation become magnified and at times seem to spin out of control. The avenues of advancement are all around you. So as you choose which path to follow, hundreds more are showing up. There simply isn't a choice between one or two paths. There are multiples begging you to choose them and promising rewards for setting foot on their roadway.