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Change Is Everywhere

Change Is Everywhere Mary through Norma Gentile

Change is everywhere. Exploring new sensations within your own bodies lets you receive the vibrations being born into the world around you. Each vibration is unique, and each vibration may (or may not) coalesce into a tangible physical form.

That which you resist is most likely to develop into form in the material world. Ironically, it is your resistance that feeds it energetically. Aggression, violence, greed, and shortsightedness are all traits of your humanness operating apart from your own spiritual guidance. As with many aspects of your polarized world, you must learn to stand equally with the vibrations that create both comfortable and uncomfortable things in your lives.

Only from within this nonreactive quality of consciousness can you move deeply enough into compassion to comprehend the patterns of vibration that your collective human energetic attention is causing to manifest. Only then can your souls freely choose whether to give your personal energy and attention to the pattern or withdraw your attention from the pattern in a nonreactive manner.