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Begin to Live the Prophecy of Love

Begin to Live the Prophecy of Love Archangel Michael through Gail Swanson

The crucible has been carried by this family of light. It has been and continues to be carried for humanity. The time at hand is crucial to the spiritual evolution of not only your planet but also of all time and space. What will now occur is the healing of the wounds you carry. The memories and programing, which are in the DNA, are being transmuted, creating havoc for the lower vibrating energies that are striving to hold on to what once was.

People are strengthening in spiritual character. They are growing in their own particular lives. Through the trials and tribulations, each time they stumble and rise yet again, they are enlivening and connecting to the energy of the Resurrection. This Resurrection energy is that which is transforming the all.

Understand the power of his story. Understand the meaning in your life of his life, death, and Resurrection … for it is your life. This is not meant to be a story of sadness and woe but a model of all that truly is, for within his life upon Earth and his magnificent heavenly emanation, all that is, is represented. Do you understand? I speak of the tangible and real manifestation of the darkness that exists. It was shown and is still remembered, for this story contains the meaning of all that truly is, heaven and Earth made manifest in one being born to live, born to teach, born to fulfill the prophecy that must be fulfilled, and born to die, as you would perceive it in your world, only to show that there is no death. There is only the brilliant light of Resurrection that transcends all worlds.