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Be Who You Are: Drop the Masks That You Created to Survive 3D

Be Who You Are: Drop the Masks That You Created to Survive 3D Grandfather and Zarcan through Robert Shapiro

The year 2015 is going to be kind of a rough year in some ways, but you have all received a lot of training — through this channel and most likely through others. You have your own methods, so you can apply them for your benefit and the benefit of your friends and family and others. Always include others.

Now, I'm going to explain part of the reason it's going to be a rough year. One of the things that's going on, and this may surprise you, is that the genetic experiment on Earth, of which you are all a result, has ended. Now you are going through a sort of overwhelming experience of the scenarios that could have been and the reality that will be. What is happening now is that you are actually moving through the dimensions of existence. Numbering it will not make it easier to understand.

You will all, individually, be confronted this year with dropping the masks that you have had to develop to survive in the world in which you've existed. The mask is simply how you get along in society, how you survive, and even how you thrive. Sometimes it's going along. Sometimes it's being different for the sake of being different, not simply because you are or that you're feeling a different way is better.