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Be True to Love!

Be True to Love! Jesus, Mary Magdalene, the Pegasians through Ray Dawn

Hello to you, dear ones. It is Magdalena and Jeshua here to speak with each of you. Now is the time to be ever faithful to your true essence. Be of pure heart, and focus on your heart's flow and the true knowingness of love within.

Now is the most powerful time on your planet in eons, and we are all here to support your return to the greatest flow of life-giving essence within each of you. All of you are again coming into harmony with truth, love, and flow of essence. By this flow of essence, we mean your truest being at the deepest level. This wellspring is connected with all that you are and with your source flow of the heart's alignment with your eternal soul.

Dear ones, this form you are in is quite magical with its innate wisdom and gifts of knowledge. What is natural now is balance, flow, kindness, and purity of heart. What is unnatural is any belief that these things are not attainable or are untrue to our being while in form.