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The Avalanche of Earth's Shift

The Avalanche of Earth's Shift Joshua through Zintis Muiznieks

Greetings, friends. It is with joy that we come together again to celebrate what is new for you and what is the passing of the old year and the coming of the new with the change of the season as the Sun once again ascends in the Northern Hemisphere and descends in the Southern Hemisphere. And as always, there is curiosity, for this is an unsettled time on your world. You might think of it as the time of a passing and also a coming — the time of a rebirth as well as a death — and you understand that the death is necessary for the birth to occur. That is the natural cycle of things not only on your world and within your dimension but also elsewhere.

Many of you have been dismayed at the events of the past months; at all that has occurred; at all that has been threatened; and at all that seems imminent, that seems difficult, or that seems somehow contradictory to what you have believed. Many of you thought that you already entered the new age, that it should be a time of celebration or growth and that it should be a time of light overcoming the dark, but there are still remnants of darkness that must be swept away, that must be resolved.

Sadly, many people feed the darkness unintentionally by giving attention to it, by listening, by watching, and by getting excited about news broadcasts about what has occurred. You are giving energy to that which you claim you wish to get rid of and dissolve on your world. It would be prudent for you all to consider this: The next time you turn on your television or you click the little button to watch a video on your computer, perhaps it would be wiser and better to leave it unwatched, to leave it in the off position.