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The Ascension of Companion Animals

The Ascension of Companion Animals The Pleiadian Light through Hannah Beaconsfield

I have two cats, Birch and Belle, who have been with me since 9/11 when the world was pushed into high gear in terms of the ascension transformation. For those of us who are first ascenders and have taken on high levels of physical symptoms, this time has been debilitating.

For me, the transforming energies have come in cycles or, more accurately, ascending spirals. Early on, there might have been a month or so with a pattern of disturbing symptoms followed by a couple weeks of relief to some degree. This cycling has been speeding up in the intervening years to the point at which I now (in 2014) often go through a whole cycle in one day. And my devoted cats have been sharing this whole phenomenon with me.

It took me a while to recognize that they had recurring symptoms of their own that paralleled mine and occurred at points of high energy. Belle, my female cat, gets a rash of bumps covering her whole back. After seeing a vet and trying all sorts of remedies, I have found that simply bathing her has the best effect. Her dermatitis mirrors similar symptoms I've had that I associate with detoxing, which is a basic reaction to all forms of 3D clearing.