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The Arrival of a Shocking New Truth

The Arrival of a Shocking New Truth The Masters of Light through Claire Montanaro

It is a pleasure to have the opportunity once again to prepare your world for the delights and excitements of the year to come. It is the time for revelation not just of occurrences and events but also of an essential truth too.

The truth of which we speak is not about human deception and transgression — though more evidence of human frailty based on glamour and desire will come to light in the months ahead — but is of a magnitude so great it affects everything and everyone on your planet. It is like the air that you breathe — something essential for life and everywhere around you but also an essence that goes unnoticed and unrecognized for its importance.

The year 2015 will witness the beginning of a new understanding of life on Earth. The purpose of being human will begin to become clear, and the future of those who are human will become known. The spiritual story that has been told for millennia will change as the new consciousness brings a shocking understanding of the truth of Spirit, and the truth will shock. Humans use the word "shocking" in a pejorative sense, but we use it here in terms of bringing wonder, awe, and perhaps a little fear initially as the world you know and take for granted is revealed to be a template of illusion overlaying another reality altogether.