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An Approaching Generation of Balance and Growth

An Approaching Generation of Balance and Growth Onereon through Jeff Michaels

As above, so below. It is a time of testing. It is a time of purification. It is a time unlike any other seen in recorded history. An entire generation is coming to maturity having been born into a world of vast information gathering and dissemination. The children nearing adulthood now have at their fingertips more knowledge than existed in previous centuries. They also are tracked and observed more closely than any generation could previously imagine. What is the result of such intense scrutiny? What is the potential with the availability of such masses of information? Let us look forward in time to witness the ramifications of the energy of the present day.

Everything Is Energy

All the universe is made up of energetic aspects with the ability to combine into an infinite diversity of existence. From the subatomic charges to the galactic clusters, everything moves in spirals and cycles of waves. Each aspect of energy acts in some way on all other aspects. In many cases, the action is subtle, but as objects gain proximity, the increasing energetic ties gain complexity.

Here on planet Earth, the growing population combined with increasing technologies has brought all beings into a tight, sometimes cramped, state of existence. The result is confusing for many who were born and raised in the twentieth century. It can be chaotic to those who were not born into this fast moving weave of communication and potential expansion. Why do we say "potential"? Is the world not shifting and altering in the present day? Yes, it is, but this is all in preparation for something truly phenomenal.