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The Answers You Seek Are Within You

The Answers You Seek Are Within You The Founders and the Ancients through Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

As your human intelligence and telepathic tentacles reach deep into the heart of the universe, a joining is created. As you search for the highest truth in the deepest abyss, you become fluid of nature. As a species, you seek what has been withheld from you. You, as a reflection of the Creator, have a DNA/RNA sequence that holds what you seek to know. In other words, your core cell biology knows the answers to all the questions your soul could ask. You seek resolution as all the instincts beat through your veins. The very thing that has been withheld from you lives deep within the soul of your being. It is this that seeks to dismantle and ride your humanness into stardom in an unbridled fashion.

You feel this presence, ancient and older than time itself. You feel this presence as vast beyond the sphere of your own universe. You feel the strength and breadth of the convictions we, as a collective light, hold. We are but a reflection of your own inner core, for you were carved from our schematics in a place where time did not exist. You were created to be the best in your region of the universe, to live in a place of honor, to live in a place of heart, and to live in a place of loyalty to that which created you. Most beings keep the best parts of themselves hidden in a desperate effort to not show vulnerability or softness, yet it is that softness, that vulnerability, that proclaims itself through the cosmos, touching the very heart of the Creator.

Like all life force, you too seek to find what is hidden. You seek to know what cannot be seen or spoken of. You seek to own what is priceless and will give you power. Within the human genome is an element of surprise, a fantasia of sorts. It was a secret ingredient withheld from the ancient texts and the galactic alchemists. People search for immortality, but what would they do with it if they, by chance, caught it? Forever is a long time in any system of light. What the heart yearns for cannot be found in timelessness or immortality, for all of these choices already live within your light field. What humanity seeks is a reflection that permits them to know their true essence while at the same time allowing them entrance into high places where angels fear to tread.