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All Is (Totally and Completely) Well in This Moment

All Is (Totally and Completely) Well in This Moment The Ancient Ones through Miriandra Rota

Because we have been invited to speak about the upcoming year of 2015, we will begin by saying that all is never written in stone, as you have the familiar phrase. Yet there are some occurrences that would be more than possible, and of those, we will speak.

It is during the very middle of this upcoming year that there is a great possibility that the grand awakening will occur. What does that mean? Oh, I believe you will be most pleased to receive these words! You see, beloved ones, you have been steadfast in all of your efforts to continue to awaken, to continue to embrace truth, and more so, to embrace the ever-changing nature of the manner in which you experience your own self within this new journey. It is because you have gone forth in this manner that there comes to you a great opportunity to further let go of who you have been developing yourself to be so that you can emerge finally and completely into this new age that delivers to you the truth of who you are.

Developing yourself to be a certain way isn't a crime, our beloved ones. It is a natural manner of relating to your own self and your own journey. As you have been residing in human nature, you have found the need to relate to yourself as a persona, even an expanded-consciousness persona. That is all right. Yet I say to you, during this upcoming year, you will have many opportunities to release each and every persona until you are residing in the present moment, and at that moment, you will emerge and reside within the next dimension of being.