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All Communication Is the Sharing of Consciousness

All Communication Is the Sharing of Consciousness Dwahl Khul through Catherine Weser

Developing a new and deeper understanding of communication becomes necessary for everyone in 2015. We will additionally describe this necessity as developing a deeper connection to one life consciousness, from which a new paradigm of communication is effortlessly generated.

In this new paradigm, the information that seemingly comes to you from the outside — from the universe, or presence, or one life (whatever you wish to call it) — providing you with the raw material for perceiving your reality, becomes understood as being without ownership, having no boundaries, and constantly changing. What you have perceived to be "your" reality and the reality of an "other" cease to be separated. This will lead you to a notion of reality that has shifted into a much more unified and profound experience of All That Is, what we call one life consciousness.

It is important to let go of any tendency to separate your experience into something you believe to be yours versus something that you believe is other than yours because truly there is just one life. There is just you having experiences, and everything that you experience is simply your perception of those experiences. You use all of your sensory apparatus, both physical senses and ultra senses, as your means of perceiving All That Is — one life — consciousness, if you will. The more you align yourself with that sense of things, the simpler life becomes, because then it's just you perceiving your experiences and nothing else, nothing more extraordinary or unusual or different is going on.