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The Age of Mercy

The Age of Mercy The guardians through Saga-Oracle

Congratulations, courageous souls! As you move through the early stages of the fifth dimension and the challenge of being born to this rare — and never easy — time of stepping up the frequency within unity, you individually and collectively shift the consciousness of the entire planet. Your dedication at the universal soul level, where divine intention manifests, echoes far and wide beyond ability to mentally conceive. You are beloved beyond telling.

Letting Go to Move Forward

The year 2014 was a time of letting go, or shedding process. That process peeled the pain armor from the surface of your being, baring your soul to free you to enter the new time of opportunity without old burdens of regret and sorrow. You have suffered in this process. Pain runs deep. The process of lightening up takes as long as it must for each individual and, for some, may be more noticeable now into the spring of 2015 or later.

Many feel extremely vulnerable as survival habits are stripped away. This necessary step precedes entering the faster frequency vibration, measureable as the electromagnet field, which Tara (Mother Earth) has already accomplished. All those who coexist with this conscious planet must follow her vibrational lead. Thus, you raise your personal electromagnetic field as well so that you can fully integrate Tara's frequency. In so doing, everything rooted in fear's pain then releases and peels away (easier with your cooperation but harder if you resist).