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Abundance Awaits!

Abundance Awaits! Blessed Mother Mary and the Ascended Masters through Carol Sydney

Greetings, beloved star children of the skies. You have accomplished more in your linear year of 2014 than in any previous year to date. For the New Earth, Gaia's gratitude is fully yours. Our own thanks and curiosity for what greater heights you will accomplish in the coming year of 2015 is abundant as well.

I, Blessed Mother Mary, offer you rich blessings today and always. Please read my words and the thoughts of other masters but let not the words alone guide you. Allow our feelings of love, peace, and joy that flow from the deepest part of our hearts return you to your heart so that you can feel the warmth and softness of love we have to give you. Consider our love the carrier wave of information in written words. Receive it as one transmission, words inseparable from love. If you go into fear, it will be because you have forgotten to feel the love with the words.

As Mary, though I am only one being, I surround you with the greatest love that is mine to give you. It will instill in you a peace that is long lasting and easy to digest. My soul wishes you peace that invites your heart and mine to be one. We realize that in the third dimension, many of you fear to open your hearts. No hurt will ever come from having an open heart.